Swap Day 2014 – A Huge Success!

Our Second Annual Swap Day last Saturday was a huge success! The weather was beautiful and many people showed up to drop and swap items.

The event was run by the Melrose Department of Public Works and the Melrose Recycling Committee in partnership with Birth to Five and the Friends of the Library.  The items not swapped were donated to Goodwill and other charitable organizations.


Sierra and Zoe, Melrose High School students, organized the books, CDs and DVDs section as volunteers for the Friends of the Melrose Public Library.

Swap 6 Library 1


Ali Reeder, a community volunteer, helped a resident pick out clothes for her newborn.

Swap 5 B25 2.1

The kids clothes section was busy all day with families coming and going – this family picked out new shoes for their little ones.

Swap 2 B25

Mike Lindstrom and Andrew Schuyler, volunteers from Birth to Five.

Swap 4 Bike

A happy boy goes home with a new bike!

Swap 3 Rackets

Swap 8

Swap 1



Swap 9 Volunteers


Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who helped organize and run the event! Without all of you, this event would not have been possible.