New Textile and Book Donation Boxes at DPW

Melrose’s Recycle Center (City Yard) has two new boxes for donating books and clothes. The Recycling Center’s two Got Books boxes were replaced by a blue Recycle That box and a white Bay State Textiles box. This change occurred because Got Books went out of business.

The Recycle That ( blue box will collect books, CDs, DVDs and audio books.

The Bay State Textiles ( white box will collect textiles including clothing, footwear, accessories, linens, stuffed animals and much more. For a full list of items click here.

new boxes

The items collected will be dealt with the same way on the company’s end so the only difference for residents will be the box color. Clothes and books are separated instead of mixed together in the boxes. Make sure to read the labels on the boxes so you put the correct items into the boxes.

This program raises money for Melrose recycling programs. These boxes are a great way to get rid of old things you don’t use anymore and give them to be reused or recycled.