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Mayor Dolan’s ‘Budget spotlight: Recycling’

Mayor Dolan wrote a great blog post about recycling in Melrose. Check it out!

Budget spotlight: Recycling.

Rain Barrels and Compost Bins Still on Sale!

**Sorry, we have sold out of both rain barrels and compost bins. There will be another sale next Spring.

Healthy Lawns Day was held in March at the Melrose City Yard. This was a very successful event and there are still rain barrels and compost bins available to buy while supplies last. Contact Jessie Schmitt for more information.

To read about the benefits of using rain barrels and compost bins read Jessie’s monthly Recycling Matters column here:

Next Event: Styrofoam Recycling April 21

Our next monthly event, Styrofoam collection day, will be held Saturday, April 21 at 72 Tremont St. from 8:00a.m.-12:00p.m. It’s a new program that enables Melrose residents to drop off Styrofoam, which is a difficult product to recycle and cannot be placed in curbside recycling.

When burned, Styrofoam creates a toxic ash and when placed in landfills, it never breaks down. Communities are just beginning to find ways to recycle Styrofoam and Melrose is one of the first to get involved.

At the April 21 event, ReFoamIt will collect Styrofoam and transport to its recycling facility in KWD Warehouse in North Smithfield, R.I. Visit to see what types of Styrofoam can be recycled.


Welcome to the Melrose Recycles blog! It is a center for all things trash and recycling in Melrose. There will be event postings, updates on recycling campaigns and projects and overall DPW trash and recycling news. This is just another one of DPW’s efforts to make recycling as simple and accessible as possible.